Innoflame offers many creative solutions in the field of information technology to be within the needs of the modern era which witness a step of progress in every moment and every moment is our chance to be a successful factor for your company . Our services are the following :



If programming is what you seek for it is our pleasure to tell you that our specialist team will provide you with many programms that suite your needs and enable you to get connected ( or to communicate ) with your programms any time and anywhere via the internet . After sales services are very important for us to assure the continuous success of your programms through the continued technical support that fits your needs .


innoCastle :


Because colors and artistic designs are the ideal factors that attract many clients to your company, Innoflame carries out a special concern to create an outstanding web designs that show easiness and flexibility to make your goals available on the hands of your clients within the shortest possible time. For this, we have launched innoCastle to provide websites services such as developing, designing and hosting.

Wesal SMS messages:

Wsal SMS offers you the chance to be in touch with all  of your  family members, friends , or clients . Enjoy the very fast charging system that we have and choose from our many packages and offers that suit your needs . We are pleased to visit our website for more information :

Accounting and Warehouses Systems Services :


Innoflame offers Al-Khazen Dot Net system. It is one of the leading Arabic systems to manage Accounting and Warehouses' transactions. It is a product provided by Al-Khazen Soft.It is based on Microsoft SQL Server within Windows operating environment. © 2011   •    Terms of Use